Skating and General Rink Rules

Skaters and spectators understand and agree to the following:


  1. Skating in a manner that endangers or interferes with other skater's safety or pleasure is strictly forbidden
  2. Roughness, excessive speeding, skating against the crowd or weaving through other skaters is prohibited
  3. Abusive behavior and language will not be tolerated
  4. No person is permitted on the ice without skates
  5. No eating, drinking, or chewing tobacco, is permitted on the ice surface, players benches, penalty boxes and the locker rooms
  6. No horseplay while on the ice. This includes TAG, chain skating, throwing snowballs, racing and intentionally sliding
  7. Skaters are not allowed to carry children or secondary items such as cameras, handbags, strollers, carts, sleds, chairs and any training device while on the ice during open skate sessions
  8. Goalies are not permitted on the ice during Sticks and Pucks
  9. Guests are not allowed to walk with skates on areas not covered by rubber matting
  10. Skaters are not allowed to sit on or climb over dasher boards
  11. Kicking holes, chipping, or gouging in the ice is strictly forbidden
  12. Hockey sticks and pucks are not allowed on the ice during public skates.
  13. Center ice, inside the blue circle is reserved for jumps and spins unless crowd size poses a safety issue. Figure skaters using the center of the rink during open skates should be aware of beginners and exercise caution doing jumps and spins
  14. Shooting, passing, stickhandling, and use of hockey pucks/balls anywhere other that the ice surface is strictly forbidden. Pucks/balls will be confiscated
  15. Smoking is not allowed on the premises/Skateboards, razor scooters, rollerblades & bicycles are not allowed inside the rink
  16. No dogs (except Service Animals/Seeing Eye dogs) or pets of any kind are permitted in the arena
  17. Persons who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or other substances are not permitted in the arena
  18. The ice rink is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged articles. Lost and found storage is located at the front desk. Items will be retained for 15 days. Lost water bottles, socks, towels, and other frequently abandoned or lost items will not be retained
  19. "Pitch In" and deposit all trash in the receptacles provided. We are proud of our facility. PLEASE KEEP IT CLEAN ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED
  20. Absolutely no floor hockey This is to include balls, pucks, tape balls, rolls of tape, golf balls, stick handling and bouncing balls this is an addition to rule 14
  21. No running around around the arenas for warm-ups, please stay out of the Zamboni door area while Zamboni doors are open
  22. Coaches and Players are not to be on the ice until the Zamboni doors are closed, your team MUST be ready to leave the ice when the buzzer sounds - this means all pucks and or cones must be cleaned up prior the the buzzer. Do not start a drill that will run over your allotted ice time.
  23. Please keep all ice entrance doors closed until the Zamboni doors are closed
  24. Please have a coach on the ice to push the nets to the bench side after the Zamboni has made one complete pass, the nets must be tilted aginst the boards to prevent them freezing to the ice surface
  25. Zamboni drivers are in charge of the ice - if they tell you to wait to enter the ice surface, please follow their instructions
  26. Coaches please move your drills as to not ruin the ice beyond a single resurface for the next team.





Ice skating is for fun and enjoyment for everyone.  Skating can be enjoyed in many ways.  Regardless of your level of skill, there are elements of risk in ice skating.  Use common sense, show courtesy to others, and anticipate dangerous situations before they arise.

The following guidelines are some basic elements of common sense and courtesy.

1.         Always stay in control, and be able to stop or avoid other skaters.

2.         While on the ice, keep moving.  Don't stop where you obstruct other skaters.

            Don't skate in groups.

3.         People ahead of you have the right of way.

            It is your responsibility to avoid hitting them or disrupting them.

            *  No speeding

            *  No weaving

            *  No roughness

            *  No snowball or other throwing

4.         Keep exits clear.

            Before getting on the ice, look for oncoming skaters.

            Do not sit on the dasher boards.

5.         Don't carry children or other items while skating.  No eating, drinking, or smoking             on the ice.

6.         Rink equipment can be dangerous.  Stay off the ice when resurfacing is in progress.

7.         Do not go on the ice without skates.  Do not wear skates in the stands.

8.         Obey the monitors.  Report hazards to the monitors.

9.         Respect the ice.  Please do not litter or use foul language.

This is just a partial list.  There are elements of risk that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce.  You are ultimately responsible for your personal safety.

Use caution, and skate in control.  Respect other skaters.  The rink's monitors cannot guarantee our safety and will not protect you from injury.  It is part of your responsibility to avoid other skaters and hazards.  Failure to use good judgment, skate responsibly, or follow the Responsibility Code will result in the loss of skating privileges.


As the use of an ice skating rink and all its facilities have an inherent risk, any participation is totally at the users own risk, any participation is totally at the users own risk. No responsibility is accepted or undertaken for the well being of either the user or their property. The management reserves the right, at their sole discretion, to refuse admission or remove from the premises anyone not abiding by the rules.